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Do you ever buy food, gas, or groceries?  Do you ever pay medical or insurance bills, make house payments, pay for rent, make car payments, pay the water/gas/electrical bills, pay the phone bill, and so on?  Let's put it this way: Do you pay for things?  (I'm assuming you're NOT a thief!)






Well, did you know that there is a way to get AUTOMATIC discounts on literally EVERYTHING you pay for just by using a special VISA card?



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If you use this special VISA card to pay for things (food, gas, phone bills, living expenses, etc.), you'll automatically get discounts on everything you buy.  The discounts will come to you in the form of an actual monthly PAYCHECK sent to you (it's the company's way of rewarding you for using their card).  You don't have to do anything other than continue to buy what you already buy - the ONLY difference is that you will use this special VISA card.


You WILL save hundreds and even THOUSANDS of dollars every year by using this credit card.  I myself couldn't believe it at first, but when I heard some friends of mine personally tell me about the monthly checks they were receiving - JUST FOR USING THIS CARD - I thought to myself, "I want that, too!"


When you do the math, it's like a perfect win-win scenario where you are GUARANTEED to get money sent to you through a monthly paycheck.  That's a pretty nice arrangement, don't you think??  =-)



Just think about this for a minute...



You WILL be paying for things ALL the time, NO MATTER WHAT.  Whether it's for groceries, medical bills, insurance payments, food, gas, rent, house bills, phone bills, or car payments, toilet paper, clothes, tools, gifts, snacks, cleaning supplies, hairspray, shampoo, soap, cosmetics - the list just goes on & on!  Well, since you're always paying for things, you might as well get rewarded for doing it - and the best reward is straight CA$H!!!!  =)


By using this special VISA card, you will receive a check in the mail every month - NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  Why?  This company simply wants people to do business with them.  And they're crazy enough to actually pay people with 100% REAL CA$H for using their VISA card.


I don't know about you, but that sounds like a good deal to me!  If continuing to spend the way I normally spend, buying what I normally buy - but only doing it all with a special VISA card - if that means I am going to get AUTOMATIC paychecks every month that could easily add up to hundreds and even THOUSANDS of dollars a year - well, that's a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned!


And what are you doing to get this extra cash?  You do NOTHING for this FREE CA$H other than buy what you normally buy every day and every month.  The only thing you're doing differently is you are using a special VISA card to do it.  =)


Just to let you know up-front, so there are no surprises, you have to apply for the VISA card, nothing new there.  There are NO interest charges or card charges as long as you pay off the card on time, so treat it like cash - but again, that's nothing new.  And there's a small one-time fee of about $150, with an annual $50 after that.  But trading $50 for hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year is a MORE than a VERY good deal!!!!  =)


Here's the BOTTOM LINE...this company pays you CA$H just for using their VISA credit card.  Other companies and banks may give you gift cards or redemption points, but this company will give you STRAIGHT CA$H through paychecks!  I don't know about you, but I like FREE CA$H!!


If you want to get this amazing VISA card and start automatically saving thousands, or you just want to know more (the deal actually gets even BETTER than what I've revealed on this website!), just send an email to or give me, Mr. J (Jerry), a call at 209-475-1561.







“Finding Expression, Enjoyment, & Entertainment Through Music”



HomeLesson Rates FREE Lessons & CA$HAbout TVCContact

Resources │ PicturesGift Certificates TestimonialsUNLIMITED Music Downloads


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